Smart Homes
Abilisense has developed and introduced a unique intelligent sound detection technology for Smart Home markets. Sound detection and classification of threatening sounds are received and analyzed to protect homes against break-ins, violence, and fires.
Baby Care
Nothing is more important than the health and safety of our children. Abilisense’s technology is able to recognize and detect a baby’s cry in silent and noisy environments alike.

We make it easy for parents to relax without having to worry that their children are happy and safe.
Elderly Care
Senior citizens living independently and suffering from age related disabilities are more susceptible to injuries and harm. Abilisense can implement its smart listening abilities in homes to detect potential threats and injuries such as falls, screams, or break-ins to ensure our loved ones are living safely and comfortably.
Threats to our safety can happen anywhere, anytime. The technology that Abilisense has created immediately alerts security authorities when sounds of distress and aggression are detected. Even in areas where camera footage is not available, Abilisense’s sound analysis works in real time to prevent escalation of events.
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