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By continuously monitoring sounds from the environment, the system can provide alerts in cases of danger, accidents and suspicious activity.

Once the technology has detected an important sound - depending on the user's preferences and definition - notifications will be sent in real time directly to relatives and/or emergency call-centers via IoT devices, mobile apps and smart bracelets.

Abilisense's technology is flexible and able to be integrated into many services and products.

The advanced solution includes intelligent listening capabilities by listening and receiving the sounds, then tracking the sounds through a smart device microphone. It then forwards the sounds to an identification engine which operates in real time or on "investigation" mode. Once the sound is received, a pre-processing function analyses the sound quality in order to accurately decode the sound.

The sound recognition engine has features that include automatic sound analysis and classification which locates and characterizes all significant events that may produce the sound segment. 


Abilisense's technology first captures only important sound events through context-sensitive analysis and then the engine sends the sound recognition results to various systems, such as to predefined contacts, IoT devices and/or directly to various authorities' call-centers.